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29 Sep 2017

HCG Hormone

The HCG or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone which is produced during the initial stages of pregnancy. This hormone basically helps the baby grow inside the mother’s womb, but medical research has found many more applications of this hormone particularly in weight loss. It is useful with a specially created HCG diet plan and both the diet plan and hormonal infusion together helps in reducing weight.

How HCG helps in weight loss

The HCG diet is a 2-meal low calorie diet which allows you to take only 500 calories a day. It is then assisted by intake of the HCG hormone which maintains the stability of the body and its muscles thus allowing you to lose weight without harming your body muscles. The hormone can be taken in multiple ways such as direct injections, pills, liquid drops, sprays and creams.

HCG Liquid Drops

HCG hormone can be added to the body in several available ways among which the HCG liquid drops are the easiest and convenient to consume. The methods of injecting the hormone will need you to go through the pain of injecting a needle through your body every time you need it. Sprays and Cream require you to constantly apply the product and massage it over and over for effective results. And if we compare among the pills and the liquid drops, there is an easy win for the liquid drops as it is the most direct, easy and convenient way to consume the HCG hormones with the HCG diet hand in hand. It helps take up the hormones without feeling any of its intake effects and thus makes your weight loss process more stress-free.

Trileana weight loss gel has taken so many years of rigorous research, to formulate the solution for weight loss. It is naturally ingredient product, it contains blend of amino acids which helps to lose weight and it helps to enhance the body's energy by observing its naturally based ingredients. Trileana patients are seeking more benefits because of this weight loss gel. The company products are widely used in US and other few countries also, the company having its unique products like, HCG weight loss drops, HCG weight loss cream, weight loss gel, Trileana sublingual liquid and many more naturally prepared products are available.  Trileana have a 1000’s of doctors across the US country and those are taking care of Trileana weight loss program in their clinic.


The gradually reduces the weight and enhance the energy naturally.

The innovative usage of naturally prepared ingredients helps to detoxify the anti-fat agents of the body.

When gel is applied slowly to the body, it helps to remove the toxic particles and purify the blood.

Trileana weight loss gel with natural ingredients magically working to keep skin smoothness, supple and soft.

Having a decade of experience in the industry, the company widely known to its unique and innovative techniques to adapting the natural ingredients to prepare its products. The company itself justifies that the price can able to survive the product for prolong years in the society or in market place. The company will never try to compromise with the best quality standard and will provide best class product customer service.




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